To pay tribute to the great fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, don't miss SONIA RYKIEL!

Paris ready-to- wear: "The day before: Sonia Rykiel". The last hours before the 40th anniversary of the brand.


To pay tribute to the global superstar that revolutionised boxing and invaded the political, media and cultural arenas, don't miss this outstanding documentary by William Klein: MUHAMMAD ALI THE GREATEST

Who was Ali ? This first and only real portrait brings a powerful, often hilarious, and always entertaining answer.


We are delighted to announce that the Albert Londres Prize 2016 in the Audiovisual Press category has been awarded to Sophie Nivelle Cardinale and Étienne Huver for the documentary: THE DISAPPEARED OF SYRIA, AN INVISIBLE WAR. 

An unprecedented and chilling investigation into the invisible weapon of Bashar al-Assad’s regime: the kidnapping, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Syrians.

Created in 1933, in honour of French journalist Albert Londres (1884-1932), a father figure of modern investigative journalism, the prize awards, every year, the best reporter in the written press, and, since 1985, the best audiovisual reporter. 


The wildfire that has been raging out of control since Wednesday has engulfed entire districts of Fort McMurray, a city in the north of the Canadian province of Alberta.

Don’t miss our documentary FORT MAC MONEY - VOTE JIM ROGERS explaining the disastrous ecological situation in a city entirely dedicated to the production of oil.