Our FOOTBALL REBELS documentary series (5x26’) has won the TVFI Export Award 2014! We want to thank you for your trust and your support all years round and we wish you a rebel and wonderfull end of year!! 

At a time when business seems to be corrupting our relationship with sport, the indomitable Eric Cantona shows us footballers who've managed to resist.


With the exhibition on HOKUSAI currently running at the Grand Palais in Paris, don't miss this documentary HOKUSAI.

Katsushika Hokusai was probably the most famous and most outstanding Japanese painter and printmaker of his generation, and was the artist whose fame was the quickest to cross the seas (his name has been popular in Europe for a long time).


Don’t miss our WORLD MEDICINE EVENT at Le Rendez-Vous de Biarritz, Monday, the 8th of September.

At an altitude of 2,000 metres on the high plateaus of Nepal or after 9 hours of boat in the Peruvian plains, shamans, healers and nurses save lives. Bernard, an emergency doctor, sets out to meet world doctors who dedicate their lives to the health of others, with the question: is medicine practiced the same way worldwide?


2014 Tunisian Election Days : General election on October, 26th and presidential election on November, 23rd. Don’t miss our documentary ENNAHDHA

By plunging into the heart of its still-little-known history, and by following its current major figures, we discover the issues of political Islam in Tunisia and far beyond, in the Arab world.


We are proud to announce that WILL WE SOON BE EATING IN VITRO MEAT has won the Public Prize Autrement Vu at FIGRA 2014 (International Current Affairs and Society Documentary Film Festival).

This documentary, shot in the US, China, India, France, Holland and Laos, will change the way you see steak - forever!