• To pay tribute to the most iconic creative director who died last night in Paris, dont miss KARL LAGERFELD SKETCHES HIS LIFE, SIGNÉ CHANEL or FENDI BY KARL LAGERFELD.


    He used to say: 'Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously". He was best known for his work, since 1983, as artistic director at Chanel, which became one of the most profitable and admired luxury brands in the world under his tenure. 

  • We are extremely proud to announce that our film, BECOMING CARY GRANT directed by Mark Kidel and produced by Yuzu Productions, has been selected for the TVFI 2019 Prix Export for documentaries.

    Nominations are determined by a points system which rates a film's marketing by the number of sales achieved. The winner from each category will be decided by the vote of a jury chosen from the 12,000 international buyers and professional press journalists.


  • Our team sadly learnt the passing of Catherine Charmet following an accident on 20 November. 

    As the Markets Manager at TV France International, she had been an invaluable help for TV sales companies for the past 20 years, infusing each market with her warm personality. Her unbounding energy and talent will clearly be missed. Our thoughts are with her loved ones and TVFI team.

  • MONUMENTS' MEN has just won ARCHAIOS GRAND PRIZE at the Cultural Heritage and Archeology Film Festival (Pittsburg - United States); and also the GRAND PRIZE at the ICONOS Festival : Biennal event of Archeology's films (Bordeaux - France).


    Never in history have we ever witnessed such a massive destruction of the Middle East heritage. This documentary invites you to meet those who work to protect and revive these treasures of humanity, those who fight to save the culture.

  • We are proud to annonce that our film 700 SHARKS won Human Adventure Award at the Lumexplore Festival (La Ciotat - France) and Alain Estève Award at the International Adventure & Discovery film Festival (Val d'Isère - France).

    A 4K special in which we dive for the first time by night into a feeding frenzy of 700 sharks in Polynesia, the largest concentration of sharks in the world. Filmed with very ambitious camera gear, this documentary will reveal unprecedented social behavior of sharks.