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    EMPTAZ (Charles)

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    German, English, French

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The Fajr Libya militia are the new masters of the Libyan capital Tripoli. Since chasing the weakly elected government to the other side of the country last summer, they have reigned at the head of the State. Their militia rule the streets. Who are they?

A force of around 20,000 is estimated to be fighting under the flag of Farj Libya, the Libyan Dawn. These long-term revolutionaries rose to prominence as opponents to Gaddafi. Since then, they have remained armed, under the command of Islamist leaders. The civil war triggered by General Haftar, a former Gaddafi supporter who swore to bring the Islamists to ruin, prompted Farj Libya to take Tripoli last summer, causing the newly elected liberal government to flee. In the wake of their conquest, they have succeeded in invalidating the elections and establishing a parallel government that is totally pledged to them, and which the UN must now take into consideration. All around Tripoli, on the frontline, the battle rages from town to town. The tribes associated with Fajr Libya fear the return of a form of “Gaddafism” and military rule, as in Egypt. On the streets, the Farj Libya keep order by delegating policing of the city to heavily armed militia. The international community and companies have deserted the city. Freedom of expression has become a mere memory.