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The country is on the eve of a presidential election whose outcome leaves little doubt. This report will pull away from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to shed light on a Russian town to try and understand the bond that unites the population with Vladimir Putin.

Voronezh has 1 million inhabitants and lies 500 km south of the capital. It is a Russian city like so many others. It was destroyed during the war and rebuilt according to Stalin-era plans. It developed thanks to the Soviet industry – aeronautics in particular – it is far from being a city in crisis. Four locals tell the story of their Putin years.
Ivan is 25 – he has hope for the future thanks to the development of his country. Natalia is 44 – the Putin years’ stability and security reassures her. Sergei is 51 – this priest values that the Orthodox Church is one of the pillars of this regime. Aleksandr is 49 – this journalist has spent more than two years in prison for reporting on the local prosecutor’s shady schemes. Contrary to the others, he will not vote for Putin.