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For the Eiffel Tower's 130th birthday, this film recounts the incredible epic of its construction. It was erected in record time at the end of the 19th century – it was the largest and craziest building ever built at the time. Delve into the Eiffel Tower's breathtaking history, from its construction to the present day – thanks to spectacular images and an original 3D vision that retraces the main stages of its construction step by step.

Pascal Ory has dedicated his life to the Eiffel Tower. This historian has spent several decades understanding and deciphering the construction of the iconic tower. Two years ago he embarked on an incredible project: with one of the greatest specialists in 3D animation, he has been recreating the erection of the Iron Lady in moving images – step by step. The history of its construction has been anything but an easy task. Gustave Eiffel, its brilliant inventor, had numerous and powerful opponents. But against the odds, the first foundation holes were dug in 1887. In just two years, what was certainly one of humankind's most beautiful creations had been completed. Its inauguration took place during the 1889 Universal Exhibition.
Gustave Eiffel then fought tooth and nail to save it, because it was to be destroyed after twenty years! Discover the amazing tale behind the emblematic monument. We will also discover the Eiffel Tower of today – the French symbol that attracts nearly 10 million visitors each year.
We will witness its stripping to find the Tower's original color pigment – it has been repainted every seven years since its construction, in accordance with Gustave Eiffel's wishes.
And enjoy a grandiose privilege: we will be behind the scenes alongside the lovers of the Tower for the preparation of a fabulous show for its 130th anniversary. This 52-minute film is a great opportunity to admire the beautiful Iron Lady in a way you have never seen it before.