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    PERRIER (David), SHAVIT (Eden)

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    German, English, French

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Half a billion people live at the foot of volcanos around the world. These fire mountains dominate their lives in surprising ways. For some they are like family, for others they are gods. They give and take life, they are feared and revered.

This blue chip 4 x 52' (and more to come) series takes us to 40 volcanoes around the world to learn about sacred volcanos, beneficial volcanos, destructive volcanos and meet scientists who protect us from their danger.
Volcanoes led to dinosaurs’ extinction and wiped entire civilizations – like the Minoans in Crete and Santorini in 1450 BCE. Today, the lives of 600 million people are threatened by 1670 active volcanoes. The entire planet is affected: when Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, global temperatures fell by nearly 1°C for three years. Recent studies suggest that humankind will eventually be wiped out by a gigantic volcanic eruption…
But volcanoes are not just destroyers of world, they also nurture life. It is thought that they may have helped creating life on Earth. Even today, certain wildlife species such as the giant Galápagos tortoise are only found on particular volcanoes. Human beings have always flocked to settle volcanoes in huge numbers to take advantage of their fertile soil, pleasant climate and natural heat sources. Many are even worshipped as deities.