• We are very proud to announce that our film A CONVERSATION WITH ROMY has just won the Best Biography Documentary Award at the 4th Edition of the Alive International Documentary Film Festival in LOS ANGELES ! 

    She was one of the greatest French actresses. At the height of stardom, Romy Schneider recorded an interview in which she recounts her youth and her career, a very emotional and revealing testimony.

    Forty years later, Alice gave Patrick Jeudy the audio tapes of this conversation and steps back into the limelight to tell us about this unique night – during which Romy Schneider shed a raw light on her life.

  • 700 Sharks nominated at the Emmy’s. A 4K special in which we dive for the first time by night into a feeding frenzy of 700 sharks in Polynesia, the largest concentration of sharks in the world. Filmed with very ambitious camera gear, this documentary reveals unprecedented social behavior of sharks.



    The film demonstrates that, contrary to what science said up to now, sharks do not hunt alone. They are actually organized with a leader, have strategies and collaborate among one another. An organization that resembles a pack of wolves or lions.
    Discover incredible scenes of hunting, like in a savannah wildlife film, in which fifty sharks team up to capture one fish, and prey that sometimes manages to outsmart sharks.
    Filmed with underwater 4K cameras, drones, Gopro black for “bullet time” effect, high speed cameras to capture the best predation scenes that last less than a second. 
    A world premiere that will change our knowledge of shark behavior.


    This is with great sadness that we've learned the death of JOHNNY CLEGG.His hits Asimbonanga (paying tribute to Nelson Mandela) and Scatterlings of Africa propelled him to the rank of worldwide star. But he leaves a wider legacy as a symbole of the struggle against apartheid. Our director, Amine MESTADI had the opportunity of a very close and intimate interview of this inspiring man.


    1988. In only few months, South African musician Johnny Clegg, an almost unknown artist, has sold millions of albums. With his hit Asimbonanga, which paid tribute to Nelson Mandela, he was instantly propelled to the rank of worldwide star and became the symbol of the struggle against apartheid.

  • We are very proud to announce that RHINO DOLLARS, co-produced by ARTE FRANCE, TV PRESSE PRODUCTIONS & YELLOW FOX has just won 2 prizes at Deauville GREEN AWARDS 2019 : Best Documentary Award and the Golden Green Award in Preservation of the biodiversity category. 

    A documentary thriller about one of the world’s most profitable illegal trades: Rhinoceros horn. At 50,000 euros per kilo, it sells for a higher price than gold or cocaine... When crushed into a powder and mixed with alcohol, it is said to be a miracle cure. Trafficking has spread to all continents and threatens the biodiversity of our planet, along with the national and economic security of multiple countries.

  • We are very proud to announce that SNAPHOTS OF RUSSIA, co-produced by ARTE FRANCE & ARTLINE FILMS has just won "l'étoile de la SCAM" 2019.

    Sensitive witnesses of their country and society, young Russian photographers provide their vision of their countries. Extraordinary images to better understand the clamor of an era.


    This film recounts the colorful career of the last tycoon of Hollywood’s Golden Age and explores the turbulent but creatively rewarding relationships between Spiegel and Hollywood giants John Huston, David Lean, Elia Kazan, Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn.

  • As the 72nd Cannes Festival has just opened, we are proud to present our documentary CANNES THE FREEDOM FESTIVAL (52'). Created in 1939 as a response to the ris1e of Fascism and Nazism, Cannes was meant to be an event to celebrate freedom in the world and in cinema. It is also the story of a great friendship between two men, Philippe Erlanger and Jean Zay, who fought for their principles and their love for cinema.

    The film tells the fascinating story of the birth of the largest Cinema Festival. 

  • We are proud to announce that 3 of our programs have won Awards at Figra 2019. NORTH KOREA: PRESIDENT'S MEN has won Arnaud Hamelin Satev FIGRA Award; MEXICO : IN SEARCH OF LOST MIGRANTS has won FIGRA Grant Prize, (less than 40 minutes Documentary) and THE HARLEM HELLFIGHTERS GREAT WAR has won Special Mention of the Jury.

  • To pay tribute to the most iconic creative director who died last night in Paris, dont miss KARL LAGERFELD SKETCHES HIS LIFE, SIGNÉ CHANEL or FENDI BY KARL LAGERFELD.


    He used to say: 'Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously". He was best known for his work, since 1983, as artistic director at Chanel, which became one of the most profitable and admired luxury brands in the world under his tenure. 

  • Don't miss our exclusive documentary CANNES, THE FREEDOM FESTIVAL that tells the fascinating story of the birth of the largest Cinema Festival. Created in 1939 as a response to the rise of Fascism and Nazism, notably in the Venice Film Festival, Cannes was meant to be an event to celebrate freedom in the world and in cinema.

    It is also the story  of a great friendship between two men, Philippe Erlanger and Jean Zay, who fought for their principles and their love for cinema.

  • THE FOUR SISTERS is selected for the Special Events section of NYFF55

    Filmed by Claude Lanzann during the preparation of what would become Shoah, each of these four extraordinary women deserved a film on their own right, to fully illustrate their exceptional fiber, and to reveal through their gripping accounts four little-known chapters of the extermination.


    We are proud to announce that our film THE ISLE OF THE DEAD is selected at the Venice International Film Festival for the official VR competition. A voyage into the unknown, based on Arnold BÖCKLIN’s work in virtual reality directed by Benjamin Nuel.